Strange Loop Notes - Day 1

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Written on 2012-09-24 10:46:00

ELC/Preconference talks

Though I didn't take notes on these, or today's keynotes, I have seen quite good coverage of ELC and Strange Loop talks here.

Potificating Quantification

Functional Design Patterns

A Whole New World

Possibly the talk I'm most excited for today. DESTROY ALL SOFTWARE!

3 Confessions

  1. Wrote "An Editor"
    • Modal, Terminal Only, Neither VIM nor IDE
    • Layers! Annotations on source. Diffs. Tracebacks from prod logs. YES!
      • Crash - Have to parse logs+traceback, maybe use different checkout.
    • Interactions - On-demand Class Hierarchy/CFG. Code navigation methods.
      • No static analysis! Language-specific FIFO queues for program traces! Fork+render with graphviz. FUCK YEAHHHHH!
    • Answer questions like: What code does a web request hit? More importantly, what code might have reached this crash point in our traceback?
  2. Wrote "An Terminal"
    • DEC VT100 has determined terminal protocols for 30 YEARS. Powered by an 8080. @1978.
    • Add raster graphics, 24-bit color, momentary keypresses, font styles.
    • Use for more editor layers! Tag lines with profiling info. Bottom 95% grey, others yellow or red. Same thing for Type annotation. Record traces, remember?
    • Do you want it?
  3. Wrote "An Lies". HAS BEEN LYING.
    • All bullshit. C-c f t, flip all the tables.
    • Takes a long time to fake all that shit.
    • "Ship often. Ship lousy stuff, but ship. Ship constantly." -- bullshit
      • I KNOW that all software sucks.
    • Legacy & Paralysis? Legacy == Paralysis!

They will not merge our kernel patches. How do we move forward? Our "Shipping Culture" is poisonous to infrastructure. We just accrete low level infrastructure. Programmer Archaeologists are we. INCREMENTAL DEVELOPMENT WILL NOT WORK FOR THIS.

Type-Driven Functional Design


Data Structures: The Code that isn't there

"A Data Structure is just a stupid programming language." - Bill Gosper

Perhaps instead...

"A data structure is just a tiny virtual machine." - Scott Vokes

"The cheapest, fastest, and most reliable components are those that aren't there." - Gordon Bell

The Database as a Value & Making Javascript Fast

Elided due to battery life.

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